Yasher koach

Yasher koach

I was a bit disappointed in your coverage of MetroWest’s Yom Hazikaron and Yom Ha’atzmaut programming (“Celebration on campus,” April 22) because of its failure to note the tremendous effort that went into making the day a success.

First, Roslyn and Sanford Hollander, Leslie and James Gurland, and Ava Kleinman served as chairs of the event. Lay leaders are the unsung heroes of MetroWest and, having walked in their shoes in the past, I can testify that the day’s success was the result of almost a year’s worth of preparation.

Second, if the aim of the day was to bring New Jersey closer to Israel, we have to recognize that Israel seeks to do the same. We were joined by 22 teens and two teachers from MOR MetroWest High School located in our partnership city of Ra’anana, the Mifgash delegation of 10 teens and one teacher and the Peoplehood Project delegation of 17 adults visiting from MetroWest partnership regions. Locally, we were joined by teens from our Central Hebrew High School and various local MetroWest synagogues and schools who prepared interactive activities. Both aims were accomplished because of their participation.

Finally, our Israel Program Center is at the fore when it comes to things Israel in MetroWest. Orli Dudaie, executive shliha; Justine Reuben, program director; Randi Brokman, Living Bridge coordinator; Natasha Gluzman and Yotam Zach, volunteer shlihim; and Inbar Kazes, Inbal Horn, and Shahar Cohen, rishonim, should each receive a yasher koach for ensuring that our community and the people of Israel continue to be bound together.

Stephen M. Flatow
West Orange

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