Worthy of support

Worthy of support

In the May 11 issue, June Garelick wrote a letter complaining about a previously published advertising insert by an organization called EFRAT-CRIB. She suggested that NJJN not accept advertising in the future from “organizations such as this.”

This organization does not take a stand in the debate between the pro-life and pro-choice factions. It recognizes that a sizable number of pregnancies are terminated due to financial considerations, and as such, should a solution be found to address this specific issue, then perhaps the mother would have second thoughts and allow the pregnancy to run its natural course. Frankly, the Jewish people can ill afford a premature loss of life, and if it is possible to avoid this, then all efforts should be made to do so. I would suggest that the NJJN not only continue accepting advertising from organizations such as this, but should, in fact, encourage its readership to actively support its efforts.

Peter Yurowitz
Highland Park

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