Witch hunt

Witch hunt

The Homeland Security Committee hearings into the threat of homegrown Islamic terrorism, opened March 10 by Rep. Peter King, are nothing short of a witch hunt.

It should be the duty of all righteous Americans to speak out against this injustice, particularly members of the Jewish community like ourselves. To understand the gravity and perils such a hearing entails, one need only imagine: what if, in response to the financial meltdown that the country has endured over the last two years, some powerful congressman called for hearings into what the Jews had to do with it?

The same sort of insidious bias now connects the Muslim community at large to terrorism that has, for centuries, connected the Jewish community to ascendancy in high finance. And just as paranoid people scapegoated the Jews for the Great Depression, so now Rep. King is scapegoating Muslims. That we must relentlessly pursue terrorist threats to defend our country is not at issue here; what Rep. King is doing is singling out one group as the problem. There is no cause for that and no benefit that our nation can hope to obtain from it. All that will be reaped from Rep. King’s singular focus on the Muslim community is a harm brought upon innocents, something that our own people must surely understand.

Matthew G. Nagler

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