Wing and a prayer

Wing and a prayer

The article on Jews in aviation was great — you covered a lot of ground (“On a wing and a prayer: Jewish flyers take off,” Nov. 18).

There was one small error: The prayer I read before I fly is not Tefilat Haderech. It’s actually a prayer I wrote in English that I had Miki Fine translate into Hebrew. We have several prayers for pilots (this one among them) listed on the Jews in Aviation website.

The prayer goes as follows:

“May it be Your will, God of our ancestors
That I would ascend in peace and descend in peace.
May my course be straight and true in clear skies and favorable winds.
Holy One of blessing, your presence fills creation
As you carried us upon the wings of eagles.
So, too, keep my wings safe beneath the shelter of Your peace.

Howard Cooper
Cofounder, Jews in Aviation

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