Why ‘occupation’

Why ‘occupation’

I understand Jessica Montell’s point that the word “occupation” is legally a correct term to use in reference to the current situation. (“West Bank is under occupation, that’s a fact,” April 17). She also writes that the territory is the “biblical heartland of the Jewish people” and there has been a Jewish presence since at least 1500 BCE, thus providing justification for Jews to live in the West

When the term “occupation” is mentioned, invariably the root cause is omitted. How did this occupation happen to occur in the year 1967? It happened because neighboring countries invaded Israel with the intent to destroy the nation. If they had been successful, there would have been no Israel and much of the world would have rejoiced. Since they failed, Israel has to be compensated for the declaration of war by those seeking its demise. The best way to do this is for Israel to have some additional territory for both security purposes and to enable it to expand beyond its narrow borders. Doing anything less is a terrible injustice.

Ellen Rubin

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