Why Israel?

Why Israel?

With Israel becoming a scapegoat for everything that’s going wrong in the Middle East, we have to ask, why Israel? The answer is simple: There are more than 1.6 billion Muslims and less than 15 million Jews. Every pragmatic statesman will look at those who represent a vast majority and control 80 percent of the world’s crude oil reserves.

Meanwhile, Israel is a tiny country with almost no natural resources and an easy, secure target for any kind of blame. Moreover, the Israeli Left, whose only goal is to regain power they lost because of their failed policy that brought numerous casualties and big suffering to the Jewish population of Israel, are waging an endless campaign of lies, slander, and incitement against the Jewish state. This campaign is often financed by foreign countries and NGOs. The Islamic world doesn’t recognize Israel’s right to exist and calls everyone who wants to improve relations with Israel a traitor.

No propaganda or hasbara will make any difference. The conclusion: Israel must continue its internal and external policies regardless of what the world powers say, apply the death penalty for convicted terrorists, revoke the citizenship of Israeli Arabs and their families who commit or assist acts of terror, and impose severe punishment on homegrown traitors and terrorist’s sympathizers.

Girsh Sorkin

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