Why forgive a demagogue?

Why forgive a demagogue?

An articulate, educated Republican spokesperson in 2015 chooses to publicly criticize candidates for her party’s presidential nomination as too anxious to show support for Israel — that is the setting for Ann Coulter’s tweet (Editor’s column, “Defending “(gulp) Ann Coulter,” Sept. 17). She has an impressive vocabulary. She knows what she says will be read and heard and digested nationally.

She chooses to write: “How many f—ing Jews do these people think there are in the United States?”

No matter the context I am offended by those words on more than one level. Ann Coulter’s repertoire of adjectives about us, obviously having been used in other contexts as well, is derogatory and  demeaning. In this context she uses the expression to suggest that the candidates are either insincere in pledging support for Israel if elected or wasting their time courting Jews who traditionally vote for Democratic candidates.

Why give her a pass as you do in your column? Is her totally inappropriate comment not demagoguery?

Hal Braff
South Orange

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