Who’s inflexible?

Who’s inflexible?

I agree with the June 12th letter, “Bibi’s Inflexibility,” that the current Israeli leader is not interested in negotiating a two-state solution. Unfortunately, the current and the long-standing refugee position of the Palestinian Authority similarly expresses its non-interest to negotiate a two-state solution, defined as a Jewish state and an Arab state by the 1947 UN Partition Plan.

What proposals should the current Israeli leader offer to re-start negotiations to reach a two-state solution? Would there be any reason to reopen negotiations if the Palestinians maintain their refugee position, whose implementation would end the existence of Israel as a Jewish state existing within any agreed to borders? During previous negotiations, Israeli leaders of all stripes have faced this show-stopping demand.

The Palestinian refugee condition arose from their hostilities toward the Palestinian Jewish community and the subsequent Arab invasion to stop and to destroy the Jewish independence effort. Would you expect the leaders of the new Arab Palestinian state, who in the past have promised their return to their homes, to be able to prevent these disappointed refugees from venting their frustration of not being able to return to their homes and attacking Israel as presently occurs from the Gaza strip?

Marvin Elmowitz
West Caldwell

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