Who started it?

Who started it?

The conflagration over Trump’s tweeting about Rep. Ilhan Omar’s (D-Minn.) remarks has drawn many thousands (perhaps millions) of replies. I note that NJJN reports Trump’s “hitting back” as being racist, but conveniently omits who started the whole brouhaha in the first place and why (“Crossing the line,” July 18).

Earlier, Omar denounced Israel virulently, including a call to boycott Israel. No surprise there. Then Trump, being Trump, tweeted accordingly. No surprise there. What is a surprise is that not only does NJJN spring to Omar’s defense by blasting Trump (he’s racist, mindful of Nazism, the usual stuff), but seemingly the entire “Jewish community” is fully supportive of Omar and runs roughshod over the president.

Further, I am chagrined to note that the Jewish people seem to be the only people who are ready to commit suicide in defense of their enemies. (If Omar is a friend of Israel/Jews, “show me the money.”)

Journalism used to report “the full story,” or at least cover more than one side. Sadly, no more.

Milton Turoff
West Orange

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