Who Is Donald Trump, What Does He Want, and Why Is He Doing This?

Who Is Donald Trump, What Does He Want, and Why Is He Doing This?

Gilbert N. Kahn is a professor of Political Science at Kean University.

Last night’s debate raised many questions beyond the ugliness and unprecedented degrading of the American political system. The tone and the choreography of the evening was unnerving. The manifest hostility between the candidates was appalling. Never has American politics been reduced to such a base level and never have the American people watched a candidate who actually appeared to enjoy playing in the gutter. While Hillary tried to ride out the storm of Trump’s attacks, the entire evening left most viewers with a truly disgusting taste in their mouth. The question which kept gnawing was why is Trump doing this, what does he want, and who is he?

It appears clear at this point that Donald Trump truly does not respect the American political system. He is running for President because he likes winning and he never loses. He know no rules and he respects no one who disagrees with him. Were he indeed to be rejected by the voters, it is not at all clear how he would respond; a very dangerous thought.

Trump is doing this because he loves to play games. Running for President is just another contest or another challenge for him. He actually does not want to be President or do the work or manage the job of President. Trump wants to prove that anything Donald Trump wants he can achieve.  

As for who Trump is has been described by numerous analysts, scholars, and psychologists. The problem is that Donald Trump does not care what people say about him. Were he to be elected it is not even clear if he would want to govern. Trump has ridiculed the entire political party system, has almost destroyed the Republican Party which nominated him, and has no regrets for what he has wrought.

Donald Trump wants to win. He does not care what he does to get there nor what it takes to do it; nor what will might be the consequences. Trump is precisely the manifestation of the statement of Louis XV: Apres moi le deluge.

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