Where to seek peace

Where to seek peace

“Progressive liberal” Jews believe that Obama is doing so much to achieve peace, it is time for Israel to make needed concessions for peace. At the same time, Israelis, surrounded by hostile neighbors, see an American president more focused on stopping Jews from building homes in Jerusalem rather than stopping a madman developing nuclear weapons and promising the destruction of Israel.

Is forcing Israel to stop building in Jerusalem and freezing settlements a new approach to peace? All concessions have been made by and demanded of Israel while nothing is asked of the Palestinians. As a result, the Palestinians only feel a need to talk to the Americans and they are asking America to impose a settlement.

There is only one obstacle to peace. Palestinians and all Arabs must acknowledge the Jewish people’s historical connection and right to live in the Jewish state of Israel. No matter what is done with Jerusalem, settlements, borders, and even the right of return; peace cannot be achieved until the Arab people are made ready for peace. That means the historical lies, the demonization of Jews, the incitement and the glorification of terrorist murders must stop. This is where efforts towards peace need to be addressed, not at issues that do nothing but provide the Palestinians with a free pass. Until an Arab leader arises that can force those types of changes, nothing will change the status quo.

Conrad Nadell
Scotch Plains

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