Where to place my obit

Where to place my obit

I am very proud of the contributions I have made to the Jewish community. Though I plan to continue my efforts and live to 120, should I have miscalculated and leave somewhat earlier, I doubt The New York Times will have reversed their disgraceful treatment of the Jewish community by then (Gary Rosenblatt’s Between the Lines, “With Times under siege, Jewish reporters hit back,” May 23).

I know a long-standing tradition of the Jewish community is to place expensive tributes in The New York Times obituary section. This is a source of income to the paper, so if some feel the urge to honor me, I insist they not use the New York Times, but place the tribute with one of our great Jewish newspapers. Trust me, they could all use the income.

I would be pleased to know that my last act to help the Jewish community was having my obituary in the Jewish media rather than in The New York Times. I suggest any of you offended by the behavior of the Times join me — after you cancel your subscription.

Jerry W. Levin
Editor’s Note: Mr. Levin is a former president of UJA-Federation of New York.

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