What progress?

What progress?

In his State of the Union address, President Obama said that he would veto any increase of sanctions against Iran because that would impede progress on negotiations. Impede progress?

Negotiations have already failed as Iran continues with their nuclear weapons creation. Iranian military leaders recently boasted of building and operating missile-manufacturing plants in Syria, where it was also reported, by the Der Spiegel newspaper, that Tehran is helping to build a secret nuclear facility. Iran also announced the construction of two new nuclear plants in Iran as negotiations with America over its contested program continue in Geneva, according to Iranian President Hassan Rouhani.

It would be a huge mistake if the president vetoes stronger sanctions against Iran. Iran is threatening the entire world, not only Israel with nuclear weapons. According to a 2013 Defense Department assessment, they aim to develop intercontinental ballistic missiles which could reach Europe and the United States. The issue is not merely Israel, but the entire world, including nearly all of the regimes in the Middle East.

I just heard that John Boehner has invited the Israeli prime minister to speak to Congress in a few weeks. I hope that there are enough votes in Congress to override the president’s veto.

Selma Prager

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