What Is Worrying Hillary?

What Is Worrying Hillary?

Gilbert N. Kahn is a professor of Political Science at Kean University.

So now that Hillary’s book is out–to lukewarm reviews so far–what is she waiting for?  It seems that aside from picking the right time to announce her decision to seek the Presidency in 2016, what are the issues which are holding up the inevitable? Her current book tour is a relatively easy time for a trial run for her during a time which may well be slow on news as she travels about the country. Hillary will get sufficient attention so without too much focus on the book or the campaign. It will be soft exposure before the fall election season goes into high gear.

Hillary is certainly not worrying about money. All indications suggest that the Democratic Party spigots are already pouring out money for her, much more just waiting for the bell to ring. It is also clear that were there a genuine health issue that any medical documents which she will inevitably be pressed to release would disclose; she would not be teasing this run-not run game any longer. As a result, what are the personal, practical, and political calculations she must determine before jumping into the race?

  • She must wait until after the 2014 off-year election results are in so that she will not be a distraction.
  • She must assess what the political consequences of November’s results.
  • She wants to become a grandmother first.
  • She needs to have as much of the Benghazi hearings behind her before she announces.
  • She needs to see who–other than Biden– might be gearing up to challenge her; Gov. Cuomo, Gov. O’Malley, or unknowns.
  • She needs to decide if she wants to take on Jeb Bush?
  • She needs to determine what role Obama will play or would be willing to play especially in any effort to sustain the strong African American and Latino vote?
  • She needs to see how well she will be able to use and/or muzzle her husband when necessary?

Ironically, if Hillary Clinton does not run, the Democratic Party will be scrambling around for a candidate just when all the Republican elephants will be emerging to start the race; placing them in a distinct, unnecessary disadvantage.  It is this clear fact alone which—as a loyal Democrat– suggests that had she decided not to run, she would have made her intentions clear already.

What is worrying Hillary? Nothing.

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