What a treat!

What a treat!

I had a real treat tonight. I usually look forward to reading my Jewish News on Friday, but when I spotted that plump bunch of recycled papers with the Resource Guide tucked in, I sat down immediately.

I head for the editorial page (I enjoy editor Andrew Silow-Carroll’s humor) and his column, “My Bar Mitzva Suit,” had me laughing out loud.

Reading about how Jewish families are sharing their prosperity, the giving of grants, the donation of an ambulance to Israel’s Magen David Adom, always gives me a sense of pride.

I even felt the warmth and friendship that emanated from the many commercial advertisers, selling their wares with their “Shana Tovas,” including delis, jewelry shops, caterers, restaurants, and insurance agencies. They felt like personal greetings, and I basked in their kind generosity.

Thanks, Jewish Federation of Greater MetroWest NJ, for keeping this senior citizen in touch with our Jewish world, now that the walls of my life have edged into a smaller space. The articles and  opinions authored by your fine writers have broadened my knowledge, upped my thinking to a new level, and, I personally feel, have enriched my life. Thanks and I wish a Happy New Year to the many creative minds and hard-working editors who see that I enjoy this treat every week.

Evelyne Lerner
Park City, Utah

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