We deserve better

We deserve better

Despite the recent presidential debate, whereby President Obama looked like he was more worried about being late for a golf date than speaking to the issues, most of the polls still indicate that he will be reelected in a close race. To me the prospect of another four years of Obama is more frightening than all the Friday the 13th movies combined. He calls the weak economy and gas prices that are going through the roof a “bump in the road.” He appeared to be the only person who didn’t recognize the horrific attack on the Libyan embassy and subsequent brutal murders of the  ambassador and three other Americans as a terrorist attack. After some cursory remarks about the atrocity, he then sped off to Las Vegas for some frivolous campaigning.

With the maniacs from Iran on the verge of nuclear capability and their psychotic leader insisting that Israel has no right to exist, the president was too busy to meet with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu. However, he did manage to find time to appear on some silly TV shows like The View and The Late Show with David Letterman.

I have never observed a less qualified and less prepared individual to be president of the United States than Barack Obama.America deserves better if we are to continue as the greatest nation on Earth.

Warren Goldfein
West Orange

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