Wanted: more balance

Wanted: more balance

I don't understand why NJJN decided to use Daniel Gordis to report on the funeral of Shimon Peres (“Peres: A man of contradictions,” Oct. 6).

Mr. Gordis is a supporter of Prime Minister Netanyahu and did not agree with the president on the issue of peace in Israel. President Peres established the Peres Center for Peace and was outspoken on the need for a two-state solution to the conflict between Israel and Palestine. Yet Mr. Gordis cannot bring himself to mention the two-state solution in his article nor Peres's support of that solution.

Mr. Gordis goes on to speak unkindly of President Obama's eulogy, which was elegant and touching as he spoke of his “chaver Shimon.” All Mr. Gordis can say in his report about his reaction to Obama's words is “Home? Israel? Goodness? Those of us watching the funeral together looked at each other in stunned silence.”

A report on the eulogy of the president of the United States would have included some of his poignant statements about the deceased and the State of Israel. It would probably be too much to expect a full transcript of the eulogy, but a more balanced report would have been respectful.

The NJJN need not have used an official of the Labor party for this article, but at least an unbiased reporter would have been kinder to your readership.

Larry Lerner

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