Voting religiously

Voting religiously

New Jersey Jewish News endorses Hillary? (“Hillary Clinton for president,” Oct. 13). It's proof to me that we are our own worst enemy.

Trump is determined to stop Iran, who still promises to nuke Israel.

Hillary will keep “Neville” Obama's Iran agreement. These Persian Nazis still make Holocaust denial state policy.

Trump also turned nothing real estate into greatness. He bought 40 Wall Street and the Gulf & Western Building and turned them into high-end property. New York City could not repair Wollman Rink in six years; Donald did it in three months.

Hillary did nothing. She moved to New York in 2000 and rode Al Gore's coattails. In Benghazi, four men died on her watch.

She had a private e-mail server for confidential e-mails. I don't buy her story of “Oops. That was a mistake.” Most anyone else would go to jail.

And her erased e-mails? Bob Woodward compared that to Nixon and his tapes.

In the 1990s, she destroyed Bill's mistresses. So don't tell me about Donald blasting women.

Jews vote Democrat like a religion. It's our undoing. I think that we were conditioned to think that if you always vote Democrat, nobody will call you a filthy, rich Jew. The non-Jews in the Army make that observation (I’m in the Army.)

Donald has brought much of his problems onto himself. He certainly doesn't have to say everything off the top of his head. But I would rather have him than a disingenuous woman who thinks it’s her turn.

Adam Sternglass

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