Vote for Ed

Vote for Ed

I live in the seventh congressional district where there is a battle brewing between the incumbent, Republican Leonard Lance, and the Democrat Ed Potosnak.

Lance was elected in 2008 for a two-year term which is ending this year; this seat has been in Republican hands since 1914.

It is time for a Democrat to hold that seat again and that person is Ed Potosnak. He is not a career politician (unlike Leonard Lance), he is a former science teacher, and a small business owner whose parents also had a small business in northern New Jersey.

Ed has a sense of vision as he feels strongly about encouraging research and development, eliminating tax breaks to companies that are outsourcing abroad, but on the contrary, supporting companies, small, medium, or large, that will create and generate new jobs in our district. In tandem with that idea, he also supports the ARC tunnel and will revive its construction so that the Raritan Valley Line becomes a direct line to New York’s Penn Station.

Furthermore, Ed will work to protect consumers against big corporations and big banks, and because of his educational background, he will help Washington with ideas, innovations, and policies in education.

Last but not least, Ed is a strong supporter of Israel; he will work to strengthen Israel’s safety and security in the Middle East region.

I hope you will join me on Nov. 2 in voting for Ed Potosnak, whether you are a Democrat, Republican, or Independent.

Viviane Levy

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