Violence vs. resistance

Violence vs. resistance

Regarding Stephen M. Flatow’s “J Street cheers a terror backer” (March 9), Ayman Odeh is the leader of the parliamentary bloc known as the Joint List, not the Joint Arab List. Indeed, Odeh has excellent rhetoric skills and is not a puppet, fulfilling Israel’s wishes to be “a good Arab.” He is a man of dignity who stands up bravely for his people, the Palestinian people within the Green Line, who are citizens of Israel. He also shows solidarity with his oppressed people in the occupied territories. 

Indeed, Ayman Odeh has no say in how a nation should resist; however, we should remember what Flatow forgot to mention: the Palestinian Authority cooperates with the Israeli government to prevent violence. The majority of Palestinians wish to live freely like everybody else. Their call for non-violent resistance — Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) — faces hostile and legal actions against it. 

Tzvia Thier

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