Victory for Muslims

Victory for Muslims

When President Obama indicated that Israel should go back to the pre-1967 borders, it gave the Muslim masses something they had wanted since the beginning of the Jewish state: hope for the destruction of the heretic state (Nakba).

The hatred of Israel is a rallying point for the masses who want to eliminate a non-Muslim, heretic democracy in their midst. Hatred against the heretic state is “nurtured in their mother’s milk.” Now in the eyes of the Muslim masses, they have finally had an American president who recognizes their viewpoint.

Israel’s existence is going to be a flash point as to the cause of all the problems currently in the Middle East. In the minds of the jihadists, the president of the United States has finally recognized their problem.

Israel currently can defend itself. President Bush must have recognized this pending calamity and given them additional support in the latter days of his administration. The concept of the iron dome is not part of the Obama administration.

It will have to be the American people. We must know the position of every congressmen and every senator on this problem. If the American citizens stand with Israel, we may reverse some of the negative effects of the president’s statement.

Norman Ende MD
Capt. MC. USNR (ret.)
Mountain Lakes


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