Unfortunately prescient

Unfortunately prescient

I read Gabe Kahn’s “When volume of anti-Semitism is high, Jewish identification reduced to a whisper” (Oct. 25) early Saturday morning just after finishing my breakfast. Frankly, after reading it, there really was no reason for me to write — I agreed wholeheartedly with the sentiments expressed therein. 

Kahn’s column, however, was unfortunately prescient. About an hour or so after reading it, I learned about the horrific attack by a gunman at the Tree of Life Congregation in Pittsburgh and became sick to my stomach. The synagogue is located in Squirrel Hill, one of the largest Jewish neighborhoods in the city. It is reported that the gunman created an account on a social network popular with alt-right activists and white nationalists (and as Kahn correctly noted, none of them are fine people).

NJJN’s editor aptly stated in his closing sentence, “let’s not fool ourselves into believing all is well when it so clearly is not.” These are very dangerous times. The basest thoughts, beliefs, and actions are being fomented and brought to the fore. They are no longer hidden. They are in full view. What took place in Charlottesville last year was the wake-up call. 

We must be extra vigilant to safeguard our Jewish communities — not only abroad, but, I’m afraid to say, right here in suburban New Jersey and our nation. 

Gene Gorrin

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