Unconditional Surrender

Unconditional Surrender

Ten tears after 9/11, our civilization is in a state of unconditional surrender. We are afraid and we are flattering the Muslims, still pretending that Islam is the religion of peace. We pretend that a deep freeze in Arab life is actually an “Arab Spring.” Israel is surrounded by enemies more fierce than they were 10 years ago, while our liberal priests and rabbis continue to blame us for our “intolerance” to our Muslim neighbors.

Recently, entering the United States from Canada, my wife and I, two elderly U.S. citizens, were kept for a 15-minute search because the “objective” computer selected us. The new body-scanning devices at our airports undress us almost in public. The Constitutional protection against unwarranted searches is just a joke now.

Dr. Eliezer M. Rabinovich
Berkeley Heights

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