Unanswered questions

Unanswered questions

Recent letters to the editor in NJ Jewish News talk about a military response to Iran if negotiations fail to limit its development of a nuclear weapon.

Rather than argue the pros and cons of military action, I wish someone — anyone! — would flesh out what a plausible military response would entail. Does it mean a ground invasion and occupation of a country with a population of 77 million, and if so for how long?

Since Iran is a theocracy, does it imply an elimination or replacement of the Ayatollahs who wield the ultimate government power?

If it does not include “boots on the ground” but rather aerial bombing of the nuclear sites, what response can we expect from Iran, since this would clearly be an act of war? Hizbullah has gone on record that it will launch its missile inventory against Israel if anyone bombs Iran, so what response would or could Israel make?

I understand the need for a military option, but to date I have seen no discussion of what such a response would entail.

Peter Lewin
Florham Park

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