Trust in God

Trust in God

It was with great interest that I read Jonathan S. Tobin’s very relevant op-ed about the effects of anti-Semitism on the Jewish community (“Worried about anti-Semitism? Monitor your allies, not your foes,” Dec. 27). However, there is one point that he missed. Jews in the diaspora throughout the centuries have either longed to be part of the greater community or to be left alone; neither option succeeded. The assimilation of Jews into the mainstream as well as living separately only infuriated non-Jews in their host countries.

Only after expulsion and near annihilation did Jews realize they were alone, but not for long as evidenced in the U.S. Self-hating Jews such as George Soros, Noam Chomsky, and Norman Finkelstein put little credence into being Jewish. There are Jewish women who marched along with Linda Sarsour and Tamika Mallory in the recent Women’s March.

The most salient point that many Jews do not realize is that they are guests in every country in which they dwell, including the United States.

Therefore, when tremendous spikes of anti-Semitism occur, people, Jews most of all, are shocked. This ancient hatred is nothing new; Jews simply refuse to see it and put their trust in man.

Jews are commanded in the Torah to put their trust in God; many have still not learned that lesson.

Hindy Kierman
East Brunswick

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