Trump not anti-Semite

Trump not anti-Semite

I was very disappointed to see the headline “Lipstadt: Trump enables anti-Semites” (April 11) in NJJN. The argument made by Deborah Lipstadt was that Pres. Donald Trump said that there were good people on both sides during the protests in Charlottesville, Va., and that Trump supported David Duke. 

Not everyone who was against the demolition of the statue of Robert E. Lee in Charlottesville was a neo-Nazi; in fact, many people who were opposed to its removal, myself included, were Jewish. 

Trump made it very clear that he was against the neo-Nazis at Charlottesville. He said, “I’m not talking about the neo-Nazis or the white nationalists because they should be condemned totally.” Regarding David Duke, Trump said “I disavow” his support. 

The fact that the increasingly anti-Semitic left has to lie in order to paint Trump as an anti-Semite tells me that he is anything but. When Benjamin Netanyahu tells me that Trump is the best friend Israel has ever had I believe him. We live in increasingly anti-Semitic times and it is very irresponsible and self-destructive to attack the few friends we have.

Gamaliel Isaac
Highland Park

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