Trump in line with reality

Trump in line with reality

President Trump has acknowledged Jerusalem as the capital of Israel (“Rabbis, leaders react to Trump’s announcement with mix of joy, fear,” Dec. 14). Jerusalem has been the object of Jewish prayers since it became the capital of Israel under King David 3,000 years ago.

President Trump’s decision has been sharply criticized by all the Arab states as well as by Turkey, France, China, the Pope, and of course, The New York Times. 

Reasons for their opposition, and my comments, are as follows:

Trump’s decision goes against seven decades of U.S. foreign policy. Seven decades of U.S. policy has not achieved anything close to peace. It is time to take a different tack.

The decision will hurt peace talks. Palestinians have shown no interest in peace talks unless all their conditions are agreed to before talks begin.

Violence throughout the Middle East will occur. Violence in the Middle East and against Jews has been going on for more than a century. No reasons are necessary. 

Recognizing the true status of Jerusalem is being roundly criticized. However, there is silence when Palestinian textbooks describe the “State of Palestine” encompassing all of Israel, when children are encouraged to emulate murderers and seek martyrdom by killing Jews, and terrorists are paid in amounts in proportion to the number of Jews killed or injured.

It is time the world awoke to reality. President Trump has done just that.

Conrad Nadell
Scotch Plains

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