Trump and Abbas

Trump and Abbas

I wonder if Trump realizes who he is dealing with. Israelis have learned over the years that Palestinian leaders engage in different messages for different audiences. This certainly applies when the question is asked: Do the Palestinian leaders want peace with Israel? Trump needs to understand that “The Art of the Deal” is not universal. Ideology is not subject to compromise and secularism is absent in the world of Islam.

President of the Palestinian Authority Mahmoud Abbas and possible successor Jibril Rajoub have made known that for them the governing issues remain in place, i.e., 1967 borders, refugees, east Jerusalem, and the West Bank and Gaza as contiguous territory. What is needed of Trump is his comprehension and resolve which he applied in the case of Syria. 

There was no twice-promised land as ably proven by historian Isaiah Friedman. Political rights in Palestine were granted to Jews only.

Alex Rose
Ashkelon, Israel

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