Transferring wealth

Transferring wealth

Recently, Rep. Charles Rangel in an interview on Fox News asked “What would Jesus do?” with regard to national debt and spending issue now being negotiated by the President and Congressional Republicans. His answer seemed to be still more taxes on wealthy to be spent on lower income people. There is no way I can personally answer this question, but as a descendent of King Solomon, I would focus on the 10th Commandment which is not to covet your neighbors’ property. Unfortunately, Rangel is not alone. So many members of the Democratic Party seem to disregard the meaning of private property. Those rich people worked for what they have or got it from their parents who worked for it and they should be able to expect they can keep what was earned.

When Robin Hood stole from the rich to give to the poor, it was still called stealing. Using the government as a vehicle to transfer wealth may follow the principles of democracy but is morally wrong.

As a retired union employee with many years in the public sector I have seen this too often in the past both in New York and in New Jersey with job killing results.

If the top 1 percent of the wage earners paying 37 percent of the national income tax burden is not enough, what would these liberals want? Fifty percent? Seventy percent? One hundred percent? Just as industry was fleeing New Jersey before Gov. Christie, don’t these liberal Democrats see a further loss of jobs in America as a result of additional taxes? If these liberal Democrats fail to see the impact of these harmful actions perhaps that can be explained in a famous statement of King Solomon: “Light is sown for the righteous.” Perhaps these liberal Democrats are not among the righteous.

Arthur Horn
East Windsor

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