This Year’s Race Is So Much Better than Clinton Versus Obama

This Year’s Race Is So Much Better than Clinton Versus Obama

Gilbert N. Kahn is a professor of Political Science at Kean University.

Four years ago Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama debated away and swung at each other almost until the end, but they never produced the amount of comic relief that this year’s Republican primaries have produced. Not only Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert but the material flowing in both spoofing the candidates but also the candidates own words, provide sufficient humor to cure a person’s need for a stiff drink to relax.

One of each type provided by Kahntentions’ followers:

With apologies to Abbot and Costello, herewith from YouTube.

In case you missed it, in addition to a establishing a lunar colony for the price of $500 billion, Newt Gingrich has also found an extra-terrestrial solution to highway lighting:

Gingrich Has Suggested Lighting America’s Highways At Night Via “A Mirror System In Space [That] Could Provide The Light Equivalent Of Many Full Moons.” “‘The election of 2012,’ Gingrich writes, ‘will bring us to an historic crossroads.’ More troubling for Mr Gingrich’s supporters, at the end of these roads (or, at least, the ones Mr Gingrich chooses to walk down) are big-government solutions. … He has suggested that ‘a mirror system in space could provide the light equivalent of many full moons so that there would be no need for nighttime lighting of the highways.’ Practical solutions to America’s problems these are not.” (The Economist’s “Democracy In America” Blog, 12/9/11)

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