They also serve

They also serve

In his July 8 letter to the editor (“A bridge too far”), Phil Horn writes of one family and leaves one with the impression that there are no Orthodox Jews serving in the armed forces in Israel. Readers should be reminded that haredi, the term he uses for the fervently Orthodox, is not synonymous with “Orthodox” in Israel. In hesder Yeshivot, thousands of Orthodox students serve in the armed forces and hundreds have been wounded or given their lives, al kiddush Hashem. In our own New Jersey communities we can find many families whose children are in the armed forces in Israel.

There are Jews — both religious and non-religious — who pray for the welfare of Israel and the defeat of the enemy and the safety of all who live in Israel, those who are in the armed forces as well as all Israelis who are on the front line all the time.

Mimi and Victor Cohen

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