The Talk in Florida

The Talk in Florida

Gilbert N. Kahn is a professor of Political Science at Kean University.

Florida may not have its primary until January 31 but between ads which are beginning here, the talk is that if former Florida Governor Jeb Bush does not get drafted to break a GOP deadlock, then Florida’s junior senator, Marco Rubio becomes the perfect running mate for Romney. Rubio is an extremely attractive young man with a good-looking young family, and extremely strong socially conservative credentials. In addition, he would be a Republican natural outreach to Hispanic and Latino voters throughout the country but especially in the key state of Florida. In addition, within days after his election in 2010, he flew to Israel. Given Obama’s negatives already in some segments of the Jewish community concerning, among other things his failure to visit Israel, imagine how this Rubio trip will play as well in South Florida.

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