The real Obama

The real Obama

The real Obama has destroyed our longrange and short-range economic well being (“NJ’s ‘Rabbis for Obama’ invoke shared ‘values,’” Aug. 30). No longer can the Jewish populace in the United States continue its love affair with Democratic politics. Some of us are old enough to remember President Roosevelt’s blind eye to thousands of Jewish refugees escaping from Europe on the ocean liner St. Louis, which was turned away from our shores and sent back to Europe. The true colors of Obama become even more obvious when the Israeli premier, pleading for an answer on what our policy will be with Iran’s nuclear reality, was refused a meeting with the president.

How many times do you have to be hit on the head to know that it hurts? The “social justice” program which some rabbis try to attach to good deeds, generosity, and outreach had been in years past tied to the early labor unions  which served  their purpose at one time and today are largely responsible for the Democratic and Obama programs leading to the avalanche of job exports. We can only hope that more mature and logical heads will prevail at this forthcoming election and remove the failed Obama administration and its lackeys who have almost drained the lifeblood from America and the American dream.

Warren Victor

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