The real Obama

The real Obama

Republicans keep suggesting that President Obama is selling out Israel. The fact that there is no justification for their charge does not deter them.

Upon completion of the defense shield Iron Dome, considered one of the most sophisticated anti-missile systems in the world, Shimon Peres went beyond thanking the president for his commitment to its development. He emphasized that Obama was a friend of Israel and ties to America were as strong as ever.

When Israeli embassy workers were threatened during the recent attack in Cairo the Obama administration responded by calling the Egyptian military, insisting that safe evacuation be guaranteed. Egyptian commandos made sure the wishes of our government were carried out. A grateful Netanyahu called the president directly to thank him.

Republicans keep bringing up the proposal by Obama that Israel “go back” to the 1967 line after mutually agreed land swaps. Republicans coincidently leave out the last part. The Obama proposal is nothing new. Every past president including Reagan and George W. Bush have used the 1967 border’s as an end point to any agreement.

Reacting to the Palestinian Authority decision for UN recognition, Obama criticized the move, threatening to veto it. This decision has angered Arab nations around the world.

It is true that if Republicans want a president who is going to rubber stamp everything Israel wants, Obama is not their man.

Marvin Bograd
East Windsor

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