The real Nixon

The real Nixon

Old (but “new”) sets of White House tapes “showing” more of President Nixon’s apparent anti-Semitic disposition (“New Nixon tapes show more anti-Semitism,” Sept. 5) are totally irrelevant, considering that the State of Israel and all Jews owe this man a place in the annals of righteous gentiles. He saved Israel.

In 1973, at the onset of the Yom Kippur holiday,  a host of Arab armies, surprisingly and in unison with one another, attacked Israel from all sides. They would have overwhelmed Israel were it not for Nixon. With no time for Israel to wait for necessary military armaments to arrive from the United States, he ordered tons of American army equipment to be rushed to Israel to repel the invaders. The Arabs were repelled and Israel was saved from annihilation.

Which other president would have done the same?

Alex Berger

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