The price of largesse

The price of largesse

When the Muslim migrants, who were fleeing for their lives from their own countries, came knocking on Europe’s doors, the EU revealed that it has a big heart (who knew?) and threw open its boundaries, taking in over a million Muslims.

If only Europe had discovered what a big heart it has when Jews were being slaughtered by the millions during the Holocaust even though they and their ancestors had been citizens.

When the EU decided to label products originating across the Green Line, it showed no heart either. The end result of such an act was clearly designed to bring Israel to its knees economically.

Prime Minister Netanyahu, who knows anti-Semitism when he sees it, called the act “shameful.” He said, in effect, that the Europe who tried to destroy the Jews before was now trying to destroy them again. Then he took the unprecedented step of suspending contact with EU institutions over all issues related to the peace process.

Meanwhile, Europe is having second thoughts about its largesse to the refugees. Europe is reeling from the Paris attacks that killed 124 people. Sweden finds that the large number of refugees are a
serious threat to law and order. On New Year’s Eve, Cologne and at least two other cities in Germany saw attacks by roving bands of men of “Arab or North African” appearance. They assaulted, robbed, and, in many cases, raped more than 300 women.

Belatedly, Europe has discovered that living with Muslims is no piece of cake. Too many Muslims bring to their host countries what they know best — terror.

Sylvia Scheininger
Boca Raton, FL

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