The Jewish vote

The Jewish vote

Regarding “Jewish Vote and Exit Polls” (Nov. 15), it appears that “only” about 70 percent of Jewish voters supported Obama in this election, perhaps 4-6 percent fewer than four years ago.

I wonder why Jews are becoming a little more Republican. They didn’t seem to really like Romney. I doubt that they felt strongly about access to abortion (Catholics supported Obama) or were excited about having the first Mormon president. If they weren’t racist last time, it seems unlikely they suddenly were.

Perhaps they have convinced themselves that Netanyahu preferred Romney so American Jews should too, on the grounds that Israel’s policies are more important than any problems here. I guess they admire Sheldon Adelson and the Koch brothers. I guess they have become contemptuous of the “47 percent” now that they are less likely to be among them. I guess they feel the Bush tax cuts, even for millionaires who don’t need them, should be continued despite whatever problems the country may have. I guess they are more selfish and stingy than their parents and grandparents were. I guess they care more about “carried interest” and the tax rate on dividends than the problems of the poor.

Lonnie Hanauer, M.D.
West Orange

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