The earth is the Lord’s

The earth is the Lord’s

My brother, Sanford Aranoff, writes: “Science consists of observations of nature, along with explanations” (Letter: “Beyond belief,” June 12).

I’m also a scientist, an economist, but a theoretical scientist. I create original theoretical mathematical models that others may want to test if my models are realistic and if they can be used to predict and to guide policy. Even if my models are impossible to test and to measure, it’s still science — on the theory level and not at the level of policy implications.

We can’t possibly say, as my brother says: “God is not part of science as it cannot be measured or defined.”

Allow me to quote Psalms on observations of nature: “Of David. A psalm. The earth is the Lord’s and all that it holds, the world and its inhabitants. For He founded it upon the ocean, set it on the nether-streams” (Psalms 24:1-2 ).

“The Lord is great and much acclaimed in the city of our God, His holy mountain—fair-crested, joy of all the earth, Mount Zion, summit of Zaphon, city of the great king. Through its citadels, God has made Himself known as a haven” (48:2-4).

“The Lord is king, He is robed in grandeur; the Lord is robed, He is girded with strength. The world stands firm; it cannot be shaken” (93:1).

Gerald Aranoff
Ariel University Center of Samaria Ariel, Israel

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