The cause of the conflict

The cause of the conflict

The cause of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is that the Islamic world wants to destroy the Jewish state and Israel resists, fighting for survival. Meanwhile, the Islamic world is encouraged in this struggle not only by Islamic states and the UN, but by many Western countries and partly by the Obama administration. The latter never blames the Arabs, who use all means of terror, but over and over
again accuse Israel for settlements, human rights abuses, and many other unimportant transgressions.

The Arabs could have had a Palestinian state in 1948, which they rejected categorically. Instead, they started a war for elimination of the Jewish state. They lost the war, and also any legitimacy for a Palestinian state. Two neighbor states, Egypt and Jordan, captured land that was designated for a Palestinian state. For many decades this problem remained unsolved, mostly by Arabs’ refusal to negotiate. When, in the 1990s, Israel was pressured by the world powers to make concessions for peace, it turned into a nightmare of Arab terror, with more than 1,300 Israelis losing their lives. There were many other attempts by the administration to push the peace process ahead, but the Arabs rejected each and every offer from the Israelis. Conclusion: No Palestinian leader will ever sign any
final agreement with Israel before the Arab Islamic world recognizes Israel’s right to exist.

Girsh Sorkin

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