That’s all, folks

That’s all, folks

All those currently blustering about  President Obama’s refusal to commit  the United States to a forceful response to Syria’s alleged use of chemical   weapons would do well to recall a well-loved Bugs Bunny cartoon. Bugs and Yosemite Sam are facing off, and Bugs challenges Sam with “I dare you to step over this line!”

Of course Sam does, and Bugs continues to draw lines in the dirt, all of which Sam steps over. The last line is next to a cliff edge, and, of course, Sam steps over the line and off the cliff.

Unlike the previous White House occupant, our president clearly prefers to weigh carefully the possible costs and benefits of U.S. aggression. I will continue to trust his judgment on this issue. Our president is no Yosemite — or “anti-Semite” — Sam.

Dan Lotto
West Caldwell

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