Sweet memories

Sweet memories

I just finished reading the Federation Page article, “In an instant your life can change” in the May 7 New Jersey Jewish News. I so enjoyed the piece and the pictures of Laura Schroff, keynote speaker and author of An Invisible Thread, through Women’s Awareness Day.

This article immediately made me think of my zeeb mamele (sweet little mother), a Holocaust survivor and a truly gitte neshuma (very good soul). This article so reminded me of what my sister, Shelley, and my late younger brother, Steve, and I learned as we were growing up.

We learned early in life that we should always be a mensch. For example, when our mother encountered a person who was seeking tzedaka at our front door, she welcomed her into our home. I recall it was on a cool, windy day that this occurred and this lady had on a sleeveless dress. I remember my mother gave this stranger something to drink and an apple and a napkin and asked her to wait one moment, which the woman did. My mother came out and said, “Please do me a favor and take this sweater with you. It’s cold outside and it would make me feel good if you could please take it and
use it in good health.” This woman thanked my mother so very much as she hugged her and left with tears in her eyes.

This is only one example of “doing the right thing” and being a kind human being. Truly, Shelley, Steve, and I have tried to do good deeds. Best of all, doing these things brings nachas to our hearts and wraps our lovely, special parents around us always.

Toby Prawer Schier
Toms River

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