Susan Rice Does the President’s Work

Susan Rice Does the President’s Work

Gilbert N. Kahn is a professor of Political Science at Kean University.

Susan Rice reviewed the policies and positions of the Obama Administration on the issues that impact on the U.S.—Israel relationship. While she indicated that she believed AIPAC’s message to Members of Congress on Iran was not helpful or constructive, she reiterated that U.S.- Israel ties transcended all differences and were unbreakable. Without ever referring back to her interview with Charlie Rose last week and her personal charge that Netanyahu was to blame for damaging U.S.-Israel relations, she recounted the depth and breadth of support Israel had received from the Obama Administration. She soldiered on through a presentation that was comprehensive but lack any of the cadences or lines that politicians give to these speeches; meanwhile, the AIPAC audience gave new meaning to the concept of polite applause.

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