Supporters of Trump are an embarrassment

Supporters of Trump are an embarrassment

Initially I was not going to waste my time responding to Jed Weisberger’s “Still playing the Trump card” (Aug. 29). However, I was so upset with a source’s perspective on Pres. Donald Trump I just had to respond.

Trump is out for Trump! Nothing less! And if supporters think his interest in Israel is anything more than self-serving, I believe they are mistaken. His history, and that of his family, only points to doing what is in his best interest — power and money.

His moving the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem, while nice, in no way encourages Israel to negotiate in good faith the future for the Israelis and Palestinians. It not only intensifies the challenge of a solution, but creates even more of an atmosphere of worldwide condemnation of the Jewish people, not just in Israel but throughout the world.

Haven’t the Jews who support Trump read about, heard, and seen his disregard for the rule of law? For a lack of tolerance and respect for others who have less than he has? For the bigotry he expresses directly and by innuendo? For his inability to apologize for misspoken facts? For denying things said, and calling them fake, even when proven he did misspeak? For his decisions harming the people who voted for him — farmers, military personnel, and the poor? And what about those things that really made America great: “the land of the free, and home of the brave.”

Doesn’t Judaism teach morality and honesty? Doesn’t Judaism teach being respectful?

I ask Jewish Trump supporters, have you been a beneficiary of his tax cut plan and is Israel your only concern for the future of the Jewish people?

Your comments about this man in NJJN are an embarrassment to me, and I suspect to many other American Jews.

Alan Haveson
New Providence

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