Support Plan B

Support Plan B

On April 5, a federal district court ordered that access to emergency contraception (EC) be expanded by lifting harmful restrictions within 30 days. EC, also known as Plan B and the morning-after pill, is a valuable back-up method of birth control that helps women prevent unintended pregnancy.

The National Council of Jewish Women applauds the recent ruling to remove age and prescription requirements on EC — requirements that have been based largely on politics, not science. Every woman has the right to make her own faith-informed decisions about her health. Removing barriers to emergency contraception will ensure that a woman’s health and religious liberty not be jeopardized by a pharmacist who would refuse to provide or fill her prescription for EC.

We urge the Obama administration to quickly lift these restrictions and ensure EC is placed on store shelves soon, to live up to its commitment to scientific integrity, support women’s health, and safeguard women’s religious liberty.

Deborah Legow Schatz
New Jersey State Policy Advocacy Co-Chair
National Council of Jewish Women, West Orange

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