Support or silence

Support or silence

I have recently returned from Israel, which has become an armed fortress. It now has three generations that have lived under the continuous threat of annihilation. Israel can probably mobilize a military force of one million within 24 hours that knows where to go and what to do. Israel may be unique in history where such a small nation surrounded by numerous enemies has managed to exist.

In addition to those who wish Israel’s obliteration, there are many who criticize. The only group that Israel can continuously count on in United States is the evangelicals who share a similar view that for the “mashiah” to come Jews must be in Israel. It is unfortunate how many Jewish groups advise or criticize Israel for its decisions, particularly from the safety of the United States. We can only support their decisions or remain silent; only the Israelis can decide the fate of Israel.

Norman Ende MD
Capt. MC USNR (ret.)
Mountain Lakes

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