Support foreign aid

Support foreign aid

The United States Office of Management and Budget has determined that Americans mistakenly believe that non-military foreign aid is about 25 percent of the federal budget, when in reality it is less than 1 percent. Even though reducing global poverty will promote global security, health, economic growth, and political stability, Congress is unfortunately working to reduce the current amount of non-military foreign aid.

A 30-second phone call can get a foreign poverty reduction aid bill noticed by your congressional leader. If you are in favor of the United States leading efforts to address global poverty, please call Rep. Frank Pallone and ask him to cosponsor House Resolution 11, which emphasizes that the United States should provide at least 1 percent of its GDP to non-military foreign assistance. Rep. Pallone may be reached at 732-571-1140 or 202-225-4671.

Joshua Fine
Regional Director
New Jersey’s Sixth Congressional District
Highland Park

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