Support for JCC

Support for JCC

I recently read your Oct. 18 paper. Jill Garbi wrote a wonderful article about the Ruth Hyman JCC (“Deal JCC charts future as it battles foreclosure”).

My daughter has been telling me about the financial woes of the JCC. My oldest granddaughter, Rachel, went to the JCC for many years and now my granddaughter Dara is going there.

The Jewish education that my granddaughters got there and still are getting there is great. The teachers are dedicated and I can’t begin to tell you all the beautiful things Dara brings home from the JCC. She just brought home a beautiful Torah scroll.

I have gone to the JCC for my granddaughter’s recital and seen her in shows during the summer. I wish and hope that the JCC will be supported by the whole Jewish community for we need it for our future generations of children.

Myra Goldberg

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