Support for Israel

Support for Israel

I support Hillary Clinton for president as well as other Democrats, including Lorna Phillipson in New Jersey’s Dist. 4 and Josh Gottheimer in Dist. 5 (“Hillary Clinton for president,” Oct. 13). I know that the incumbents Chris Smith and Scott Garrett, in those districts, respectively, have reputations of support for Israel, however….

Both Garrett and Smith support Trump, and Trump, we now know, is a terrible businessman who filed for bankruptcy four times; refused to pay contractors, vendors, and employees; is a fascist opposed to a free press; is a racist with the strong support of neo-Nazis, the KKK, and white supremacists; and is a sex predator who boasted about his assaults and how he walked into the dressing room at a “Miss Teen USA” pageant while the girls — some as young as 15 — were changing, some naked, some topless.

Garrett's and Smith's domestic and economic policies, like Republican policies in general, are bad for the United States. America can't stand by Israel if America is collapsing. Garrett has an ally in Edward Durfee of the New Jersey Oath Keepers, a domestic terrorist group.

Gottheimer's and Phillipson's economic policies, like Clinton's, will strengthen the United States and allow us to stand by Israel. Gottheimer and Phillipson will stand with Israel like New Jersey Democats Rep. Frank Pallone (Dist. 6), Sen. Cory Booker, and Sen. Bob Menendez; like New York's Sen. Chuck Schumer; and like Democrats have since President Truman recognized Israel in 1948.

Larry Furman

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