Support Birthright

Support Birthright

Birthright trips have educated, excited, and challenged all those thousands lucky enough to be invited on these free trips to Israel (“Birthright hits back after new ‘disruptions,’” Jan. 3).   

Students and adults have explored Israel, its history, people, scientific discoveries, life-saving medical aid to countries plagued by disasters, and the daily challenges which face every Israeli.

Most come back to the U.S. having learned a lot, very thankful to be Jews, and loving Israel and its brave people. Many say Birthright changed their lives forever and have become activists for Israel.

“If Not Now” sends students without an open mind to Birthright. Participants have no intention of listening to the guides and actually learning about the State of Israel. If they listened, it might have changed their viewpoint.

They come, in their ignorance, only to prevent others on the trip from experiencing all aspects of Israel — its perils, heroes, history, and just being in the country. 

Birthright is right to eject them from the tour.

Shame on NJJN for printing a photo of the three “If Not Now” disrupters who tried to suppress the educational mission of Birthright.

Too much of this article told the perspective of these disrupters; NJJN should support Birthright.     

Natalie Baff

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