‘Super’ thanks

‘Super’ thanks

On Sunday, Dec. 12, the MetroWest community came together to create, to experience and to contribute to Super Sunday. Along the way, we — no, you — raised $1.7 million to help secure the future of the most vulnerable in the Jewish community here and abroad.

The day’s supporters included lay leaders, rabbis, politicians, the retired, the middle aged, teenagers, children, families, singles, twenty-somethings, thirty-somethings, UJA MetroWest staff, board members from local charitable organizations, experienced and novice UJA campaigners, those who solicited contributions, those who contributed, and those who were “just plain concerned.” You came together to raise money for those less fortunate, to participate in some social action work, to enjoy the Mama Doni concert, to donate blood, to shop, and simply to be a part of the day. Super Sunday is more than just a phonathon, it is a communal expression of the unity of the community; a day that we collectively create and a day that we collectively share. And by that measure, not just the gifts pledged, it was a resounding success.

Of course, that success belongs to each and every one of you in the community who came and participated or who answered the phone and contributed. It was your Super Sunday, and it was your success. We were privileged to have been cochairs and to have helped guide it into being. We thank you in the community for making it happen.

David Boyko
Mark Glajchen
Mindy Kahn

MetroWest Super Sunday Committee

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